JOIN US as we work together to make Gloucestershire a beacon for inclusivity in the UK; inspiring and supporting employers in realising the real business benefits of embedding a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Inclusivity works for VALUE.

“The attitude of our new recruits is just amazing, they want to work, they want to do well and help you.”

Inclusivity works for LOYALTY.

“There are so many people out there who are hardworking, genuine and eager to work for you”.

Inclusivity works for TALENT.

“I’ve had the advantage of taking on two incredibly talented people”.

Business Benefits

Businesses are able to reap a wide range of business benefits by being more inclusive in their workplace. The individuals we support are eager to work and can offer a diverse skillset which can increase innovation, creativity and business performance.

From boosting team morale to reducing staff turnover costs, there are numerous business benefits to tap into by being more inclusive.








This resource hub provides you with relevant support to help you become more inclusive in the workplace.

Employer Engagement Team

Would you like to benefit from a more talented, loyal and innovative workforce?

“It’s about giving people a chance to show you what they can do; it’s thinking about what they can do rather than what they can’t do”

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“She applied herself absolutely 100% with great confidence right from the start”

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