Case Studies

There have already been various employers across the county who have benefitted from embedding an inclusive workforce including SpecsaversEmma Willis and Coventry Building Society which has positively impacted on each business.


From developing your team’s expertise, to boosting creativity and innovation, being more inclusive adds value to your business.


Employing people who want to work not only means you have reliable staff but reduces staff turnover and potential recruitment costs.


Being inclusive enables you to tap into a whole new talent pool, broadening your search for your staff members.

Team Morale

An inclusive team helps boost staff morale which means a more productive and happier workforce.

Customer Understanding

Understanding your customers is vital and the more diverse your workforce, this enhances your opportunity to better understand and empathise with your customers.


An inclusive workforce means a greater combination of knowledge, skills and experience within your team.

“For me, the other great advantage business wise has been that I feel there is a sense of loyalty for the whole company”

Improving your business:

Socially, environmentally and financially

Inclusivity Works to help you grow your business, helping you to attract the very best people and making your business attractive to potential employees and customers It also provides networking opportunities with other likeminded organisations and the potential to be recognised as a Gloucestershire Inclusive Employer.


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