Case Study: Team Morale

Coventry Building Society’s story

Coventry Building Society provided various work experience opportunities to individuals with varying needs including a blind and deaf person.

Liz and Joseph were initially offered 12 week’s work experience at Coventry Building Society, with this already leading to Liz being offered a temporary part time paid post.


“There’s been a huge learning curve for all the staff but also a really rewarding experience being able to support them. It’s really improved the morale of staff in so many ways.”

Joseph, New Lending Coach at CBS was reaching a point where he was feeling demotivated in his role but by providing support and training to their two new work experience recruits, he felt a real sense of pride in his work and this also improved his own development. It even led to him being nominated and winning CBS’s National Personal Growth Award.


My experience with working closely with our two work placements has been both challenging and very rewarding” It’s the first time I’ve worked with someone who is deaf and another person who is blind, so their needs were completely different. However, I’ve learnt new skills including some sign language and this whole experience has been so rewarding. I feel I have made a real difference.


New Lending Coach & Associate Trainer, Coventry Building Society


There are a range of sites and resources which can support you when looking to work with both visually impaired and hard of hearing individuals, including support from our Employer Engagement Team.

Gloucestershire Deaf Association

Visit their website for more information

Royal National Institute of Blind People

Visit their website for more information

For our full directory listing, visit here.

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