Case Study: Loyalty

Emma Willis story

Emma Willis is a boutique bespoke shirt maker with a store in London and shirt making factory based in Gloucester.

She has taken on two highly skilled Syrian refugees, Ibrahim and Nareem, who are both adding value to her workforce due to their exceptional sewing and cutting skills.

With having significant previous experience in the tailoring industry, Ibrahim and Nareem needed very little training before joining the team at Emma Willis.


After being given the opportunity at the Gloucester workshop, they have not only helped build Emma’s talented team, but also benefitted her business in other considerable ways, including time efficiency and staff loyalty. Their roles have led to other employees gaining time back that they would previously have had to spend training new people and resulted in two not only talented but dedicated employees.

“I’ve had the advantage of taking on two incredibly talented people – you normally have to teach the way we sew but they could just look and copy… they are so adaptable”.


Nareem and Ibrahim have applied themselves 100% with great confidence right from the start.

The other greatest advantage is the sense of loyalty. For the whole company I know that our other staff like the fact that we are doing things to support other people.

I’ve also previously employed a lot of graduates who are very talented and ready trained, but I’ve had an amazingly fast turnover – you are often a stepping stone so the loyalty side is something I really appreciate.

Emma Willis

Owner, Emma Willis


There are various sources of information and resources which can help your business when looking to employ a refugee, including support from our Employer Engagement Team.


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